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Attack In Black (Posted Date: 08 Dec 2008, 07:04)

Attack In Black / Atlantic/Pacific

07.12.08 Gleis 22, Münster

Usually you're going to a show to see the main act and get bored by the support bands though sometimes you really discover a gem. But occasionally you're just there for the opener and want to leave as soon as they're finished.
One of these exceptions were Atlantic/Pacific, a project consisting of Sergie Loobkoff from Samiam and Solea, Garrett Klahn from Solea and formerly in Texas Is The Reason and John Herguth from House & Parish who just decidedto play acoustic songs under a new name because their other bands left them enough time to do so.
As their music is quite intimate the stage consists of three chairs for the elderly gentlemen decorated with some chains of lights. They only have written a handful of songs so far so the set also includes tracks of their main musical outfits like the wonderful Solea song Apotheke. The guys look very relaxed and seem to enjoy the evening. So do I.
Attack In Black are from Canada and I hadn't heard of them until their album Marriage was named "album of the month" in the October issue of the VISIONS magazine more than a year after its US release. Sometimes it's strange how long ot takes to make records available in Germany (also keeping in mind that it even took nearly two years to release Solea's Finally We Are Nowhere after it first came out in Japan).
But while Marriage has a lot of rocking moments Attack In Black nowadays slow down a bit and turn to their acoustic side as on their album The Curve Of The Earth. But while Atlantic/Pacific really caught my attention with their campfire atmosphere Attack In Black simply bored me.
So I didn't leave and stayed till the end but it was the opening band that made me enjoy the evening.

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