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Dinosaur Jr. (Posted Date: 20 Sep 2009, 15:53)

Dinosaur Jr.

17.09.09 Zakk, Düsseldorf

When I saw Dinosaur Jr. in Cologne last year I was excited like a little kid as they were back with an excellent new album, Beyond, in the original line-up. Now another new album, Farm, is out and it's really good as well.
So, not surprisingly, the Zakk was sold out. Like last year, J Mascis was surrounded by a wall of amplifiers which seemed to give him his own secluded space to play his solos like only he can play them. Throughout the set he only spoke once to the audience leaving the rest of the communication to his guitar or Lou Barlow. They played many of their old favourites light Little Fury Things, Freak Scene and a lovely version of Feel The Pain. Lou and Murph were the perfect rhythm section who kept up the tension even during those long guitar runs by Mascis.
After 90 minutes it was all over but they can come back on tour any time and create more walls of noise like tonight.

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