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Milloy (Posted Date: 01 Nov 2008, 09:16)

Milloy / Subside / Cord Mikona

30.10.08 Kultus, Grevenbroich

Once is never enough. So I took a second chance to see Milloy on their first German tour. This time they played the small town of Grevenbroich, not really famous for hosting great concerts.
While in Aachen the first band started to play at around 10 pm the whole show had to be finished by this time due to the venue being located right in the city centre.
Two bands from Grevenbroich were also on the bill. First up were Cord Mikona playing boring emo rock. The band looked like pupils and they treated their instruments as if they still had to learn a lot. Sorry, but it was terrible.
Next up were Subside who were much better. Their punk rock has a lot of influences from bands like Muff Potter, Turbostaat or Jupiter Jones and they also sounded really tight. Maybe too tight for many of Cord Mikona's class mates as, again, the crowd thinned out a bit, but the remaining few were ready for some kick ass rock.
And that's what Milloy delivered. The band was in good mood though only playing to a handful of people. They even put up a microphone at their merch stall so that their roadie could sing backing vocals from over there.
After the show he told me that they'd come back for a proper tour next year and guess who'll be there.

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