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Built To Spill (Posted Date: 17 Oct 2008, 09:27)

Built To Spill / Disco Doom

16.10.08 Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum

About ten years ago Built To Spill were one of the hottest indie bands from the USA. In 2008 they still are, but less people seem to care. Their show at the Bahnhof Langendreer in July 1999 was sold out but tonight the venue is only filled to half its capacity.
After listening to the Swiss support act Disco Doom it's about 9:20 pm when Doug Martsch and his fellow band members enter the stage. The whole tour is devoted to the re-release of Perfect From Now On which should be played in its entirety. That's the reason why John McMahon and his cello are with them on tour making it six musicians on stage. But tonight everything's different. The set kicks off with Liar from You In Reverse and in the following two hours not a single tune from Perfect From Now On is played. But this doesn't matter as Built To Spill have too many good songs to choose from.
The show is incredible with Brett Nelson's bass laying the foundation for the three guitars to create walls of sound. Only John's Cello sometimes gets drowned within this ocean of riffs. In the middle of the set Doug is left alone to play Twin Falls on his own. The crowd listens so devoutly that guitarist Brett Netson wonders why it is so quiet. But this atmosphere only seems to fire the band's imagination and makes even Doug smile sometimes during the set which culminates in a 20 minute jam session as encore. Finally, only Doug elicits ever new sounds from his guitar while the others already start to pack up their gear.
So Built To Spill failed to deliver, but exceeded all expextations.

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