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Off With Their Heads (Posted Date: 06 Oct 2008, 05:16)

Off With Their Heads / Social Distrust

04.10.08 AZ, Mülheim

Off With Their Heads are a four piece from Minneapolis who have just released their first proper album From The Bottom. Their catchy punk rock and their great lyrics remind me very much of the late J Church so I was eager to check them out on tour. But not too many others seemed to think like me 'coz only about 25 people showed up at the AZ.
But first up were Social Distrust from Germany. You can hear that their album was produced by Paul from Dumbell as the guitars are rocking along powerfully and the singer is also a bundle of energy despite his foot being in a cast.
Off With Their Heads then entered the stage, erm...not really. The show took place in a secondary room of the AZ and not in the main hall. There was no stage so the bands had to play at ground level. Anyway, for about an hour the guys played songs from their new album, nearly all the tracks from their fantastic debut ep Hospitals and some tracks from their compilation cd All Things Move Toward Their End including the cover version of The Muffs' Big Mouth.
I guess the band had no problem in winning over those who hadn't heard of them before so that more people will show up the next time they come to Germany.

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