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Kate Mosh (Posted Date: 02 Nov 2008, 08:33)

Kate Mosh / Miyagi

31.10.08 Rude Club, Dortmund

The first time I've seen Kate Mosh was five years ago when they supported Aereogramme on their German tour. Last the 'Gramme split up because they felt they were going nowhere and now Kate Mosh will do the same. Some days ago they announced that three of the four members will leave the band thus leaving singer/guitarist Thomas Kastning alone to carry on. So their show in dortmund was the last opportunity to see them with their current line up.
While Kate Mosh are in the final stages of their career Miyagi from Münster will release their first album next week. You can hear a lot of English dance indie pop influences in their music which makes it nice to listen to but nearly nothing self-contained at all. Only some instrumental parts with two drums hinted at something like a style of their own.
Anyway, people seem to prefer a band who sounds like a clone from the NME pages than a band doing their own thing mixing indie pop with electronic influences and adding even some grains of post hardcore to it. From around 50 visitors at the beginning of the evening only half of them remained throughout Kate Mosh's set and you could now understand the decision of some members to call it a day. As guitarist/keyboarder Sebastian Cleemann told me before the show the small crowds had become a standard with also only 20 people showing up in Cologne the night before. Nevertheless, the band played for about an hour before leaving without an encore.
At least I will miss them.

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