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Milloy (Posted Date: 26 Oct 2008, 19:55)

Milloy / Dead Vows / Kingdom

25.10.08 AZ, Aachen

In 2001 Hot Water Music and Leatherface toured Europe together. What would a bastard son of these two great bands sound like? Probably like Milloy from Wakefield who released their debut ep in 2001 as well.
Meanwhile, Milloy have released two albums and a handful of eps and were now visiting Germany for the first time starting the tour in Aachen.
First band of the night were Kingdom from Cologne playing a Rollins Band version of hardcore. Next up were Dead Vows from Sweden who reminded me very much of their compatriots Breach.
It was past midnight and the crowd had already thinned out a bit when Milloy started to play. For about an hour they rocked the house with the songs from their two albums More Than A Machine and Creating Problems While Practising Solutions. The band seemed to be a bit tired but still had enough energy to win everyone over.
So this was definitely the best way to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday.

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