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Milloy (Posted Date: 24 May 2009, 14:25)

Milloy / Lefthand Thirdfinger

23.05.09 AZ, Aachen

It's Milloy again, second German tour within seven months and it's nearly the same venues as in October last year.
So I had to get to Aachen again to enjoy the best British punk band since Leatherface. I didn't know in what mood I'd arrive in Aachen as Borussia had to play their final match of the season and there was still the danger of facing relegation. But fortunately, we grabbed a point which was enough to keep us in the top flight and which also kept our opponents, the other, shitty Borussia from Dortmund, out of European cup competitions next season. With two reasons to celebrate I was quite drunk when I arrived in Aachen. And as shows at the AZ tend to start quite late I spent the time at the bar with another Gladbach supporter who also came from the match to rock out. So I can't really say whether Lefthand Thirdfinger were good as I just don't remember them.
But Milloy were great as always as they "put in a fantastic last performance of the tour" (quote from their myspace blog) and who am I to disagree? No Spiders, no Pockets, but enough good songs to sing along to and lose the rest of what was left behind of my voice from the match earlier.
Cheers guys.

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