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Bob Mould (Posted Date: 03 May 2009, 11:53)

Clem Snide / Bob Mould

02.05.09 Luxor, Köln

Bob Mould has a new album out called Life And Times. Yesterday he played at the Luxor to promote it and although the show was labelled as a Bob Mould show the ticket stub already said that Bob would be on first and that "support act" Clem Snide would follow afterwards. The gig was originally scheduled for May 1st at the Gebäude 9 but then the venue and date changed.
It was a warm spring evening and so only about a hundred people showed up when Bob entered the stage with his acoustic guitar at 8 pm. Two songs from his first two albums already left me standing with my mouth open and when he played No Reservations it was already a great show. After introducing three tracks in a row from Life And Times Bob switched to electric guitar for the rest of the set culminating in three old Hüsker Dü classics.
Throughout the gig Bob was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy the show as much as the crowd did.
After a short break Clem Snide took over the task to finish the evening. Their music reminds me of a mixture of Pavement and Granfaloon Bus with some rocking outbursts. I'm not too familiar with their musical output but the show was very enjoyable though the singer's geekyness was tiring sometimes.
Anyway, Bob Mould ruled and will hopefully be back later this year with a full band.

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