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The Lemonheads (Posted Date: : 04 Oct 2008, 21:20)

The Lemonheads / Racoon

03.10.08 Gebäude 9, Köln

The Lemonheads are on the road again still promoting the collector's edition of It's A Shame About Ray, so there was nothing really to expect than the usual greatest hits set.
Support came from Dutch band Racoon whose acoustic songs seemed to fit more into a venue filled with Runrig fans. I was bored but the audience seemed to like them.
Then Evan Dando entered the stage and he seemed to be a bit worn out by the tour already. This seemed to affect his guitar playing which was rougher than usual and also his eyesight as his band mates often had to tell him which song was next though they had the biggest setlist one can imagine lying on the floor.
They began with Different Drum before playing It's A Shame About Ray nearly in its entirety. After some more songs including No Backbone the rest of the band left the stage and Evan performed some songs on its own before closing the set with an abridged version of All My Life. Then they returned for a full piece encore of three songs which brought the show to an end after about 70 minutes.
It was definitely one of the weakest Lemonheads shows I've benn seeing over the past years.

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