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Robert Forster (Posted Date: 06 Oct 2008, 18:33)

Robert Forster

05.10.08 Gloria, Köln

The Go-Betweens are no more. After Grant McLennan's death two years ago Robert Forster immediately declared this the end for the band. But the music lives on. Forster continues making solo albums just as he did after the first Go-Betweens split in 1989. And it's his new album The Evangelist that he's promoting tonight.
Robert Forster starts the evening alone with his acoustic guitar. After the fourth song, Rock'n'Roll Friend, it's time to get some musical friends on stage and he introduces Adele Pickvance on bass. Over the next couple of songs the other members of the band join in one by one, first Glenn Thompson (who was, like Adele, also in The Go-Betweens, but as a drummer) on guitar and keyboards and, finally, Matthew Harrison on drums. After having played two songs with the complete line up ther's a short break to get refreshments.
After that the band plays a variety of Go-Betweens classics (like Head Full Of Steam or Spring Rain) and Forster solo songs. Robert is in excellent mood often telling stories about each song. He introduces German Farmhouse which is about the time he lived in Bavaria in fluent German. And the audiences relishes that wondeful show by singing along loudly to Surfing Magazines. A driving version of Here Comes The City ends the regular set.
The band has to come out twice for encores before the seldom played Second-Hand Furniture finishes what may be the best show I've seen this year after nearly two and a half hours.

01. Something For Myself
02. Spirit
03. Love Is A Sign
04. Rock'n Roll Friend
05. If It Rains
06. The Evangelist
07. When She Sang About Angels
08. Demon Days
09. I'm Alright
10. Too Much Of One Thing
11. Clouds
12. Born To A Family
13. Head Full Of Steam
14. Pandanus
15. Make Her Day
16. Quiet Heart
17. Surfing Magazines
18. German Farmhouse
19. Don't Touch Anything
20. Darlinghurst Nights
21. Spring Rain
22. Caroline & I
23. Here Comes The City
24. He Lives My Life
25. Heart Out To Tender
26. Dive For Your Memoriy
27. Justice
28. Second-Hand Furniture

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