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The Riot Before (Posted Date: 14 May 2009, 21:40)

Death Is Not Glamorous / The Riot Before / Deny Everything

12.05.09 Club Scheisse, Köln

Do you like The Gaslight Anthem? Ok, everybody (including me) does. But then you should also check out similar bands like The Loved Ones, Fake Problems or The Riot Before. The latter one played in Cologne at the tiny Club Scheisse (right around the corner of the Live Music Hall) and as I love their album Fists Buried In Pockets I decided that sleep isn't really necessary and travelled to Ehrenfeld just two days after the Therapy? show to see them live.
First band on were Deny Everything who played fast and energetic hardcore.
Next up came The Riot Before who opened their set with the first two songs from their current album, Fists Buried In Pockets and Threat Level Midnight. Especially bass player Cory is so intense on stage that you immediately focus on him and get lost in the songs as well. They played for about half an hour, mostly songs from the new album like their smasher You Can't Sexy Dance To Punk Rock but also some older tunes like the great singalong song The Uttica Stare. The audience even made them play two encores something they're not used to when touring the US.
Final band of the night were Death Is Not Glamorous from Norway. I like their latest album Soft Clicks but the show wasn't that great as their singer had to fly back to Oslo and people from the crowd took over the vocals.

The Riot Before

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