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Muff Potter (Posted Date: 01 Mar 2009, 23:11)

Muff Potter / Ghost Of Tom Joad / Videoclub

28.02.09 FZW, Dortmund

The FZW closed down after over 40 years and three bands from Münster had the honour of playing the last gig at that wonderful venue.
First up were Videoclub, Bloc Party epigones who came so close to the original that the lack of originality didn't really matter as their playing was really awesome.
Then came Ghost Of Tom Joad. while the old songs from No Sleep Until Ostkreuz really rocked the new tracks from their current album Matterhorn were a bit too poppy.
The FZW had always been a sweatbox and tonight made no difference. The sold out club was packed and Muff Potter got the crowd going. Unfortunately, they focused on their newer output, especially tracks from Steady Fremdkörper and also some tunes from the forthcoming album Gute Aussicht. As I prefer their old hits (like 100 Kilo from Bordsteinkantengeschichten) it wasn't their best show for me but a good one nonetheless.
Anyway, thanks to the FZW for hosting so many great concerts. Here's a list of the shows I've seen there:

22.05.1991 Moving Targets
19.05.1994 Green Day / Selig
12.01.1995 Gum / Hip Young Things / The Birdy Num Nums
20.02.1995 No Fun At All
09.05.1997 Ten Foot Pole / Goober Patrol
03.07.1999 Man Or Astroman?
08.06.2000 The Get Up Kids / The Anniversary
08.09.2000 The (International) Noise Conspiracy / Air 6
07.07.2001 Dead Moon
14.05.2002 Hanson Brothers / Born As A Joke
17.01.2003 Oma Hans / The Devil In Miss Jones
13.03.2003 Supersuckers / Roughtones / Weak
12.12.2003 Angelika Express / Jona
06.02.2004 Angelika Express / Maxeen
27.02.2004 Smoke Blow / Enojado
30.04.2004 Dead Moon
08.05.2004 Leatherface
26.11.2004 Matt Sharp & Goldenboy
05.02.2005 Kettcar
07.01.2006 Muff Potter / Voltaire / Junges Glück
04.02.2006 Cave In / Pelican / Disco Ensemble
01.02.2007 Sophia / Malcolm Middleton
29.04.2008 Blood Red Shoes / Dr. Norton
27.06.2008 The Gaslight Anthem / The Escape Artist / Whisk
28.02.2009 Muff Potter / Ghost Of Tom Joad / Videoclub

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