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Morrissey (Posted Date: 12 Jun 2009, 22:54)

Morrissey / Doll & The Kicks

11.06.09 Palladium, Köln

A support band with only one or two good songs (at least in my opinion).
An interlude full of wonderful old music clips (especially a Musikladen appearance by The New York Dolls, introduced by the legendary Manfred Sexauer).
Five excellent musicians as backing band who only occasionally rocked a bit too loud (Girlfriend In A Coma was a bit ruined by that).
One giant gong that got struck at the finale of a tremendous version of How Soon Is Now).
At least two moments of pure magic (Ask and Irish Blood, English Heart).
Around 4000 people in a sold out crap venue that sometimes seemed to be a bit too reluctant for such agood show.
Four shirts worn by Morrissey during the show, two of them got thrown into the audience.
No songs from Ringleader Of The Tormentors, unfortunately.
An excellent set list, nonetheless:

01. This charming man
02. Billy Budd
03. Black cloud
04. Ask
05. When last I spoke to Carol
06. How can anybody possibly know how I feel?
07. How soon is now?
08. I'm throwing my arms around Paris
09. The world is full of crashing bores
10. Girlfriend in a coma
11. Why don't you find out for yourself
12. Seasick, yet still docked
13. Some girls are bigger than others
14. One day goodbye will be farewell
15. I keep mine hidden
16. Irish blood, English heart
17. Let me kiss you
18. The loop
19. I'm ok by myself
20. First of the gang to die

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