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Plus/Minus (Posted Date: 12 Jul 2009, 20:38)

Plus/Minus / Volvo Penta

09.07.09 Druckluft, Oberhausen

There are bands that are around for years and I stumble across them more or less accidentally and I wonder how I could have missed out on them for so long. Parts And Labor are such a band I discovered only recently with their fourth album. Plus/Minus are also from New York and have four records out as well. They are musical neighbours, too with Parts And Labor having more punk influences while Plus/Minus have more references to bands like The Postal Service.
The show starts with the local band Volvo Penta whose music meanders between slow instrumentals á la Bohren & Der Club Of Gore and more metallic, but still slow stuff like Isis or This Will Destroy You. And as a unique style is missing it's no surprise that their best song is a cover by Spacemen 3's Revolution  like Mudhones did it.
Plus/Minus then play mostly tracks from their last two albums, Let's Build A Fire and Xs On Your Eyes and entertain the small and reserved but also appreciative crowd during their 60 minute set with their knowledge of German. Their live sound is more guitar driven than on cd which I definitely prefer.
I wish the band might get more attention, e.g. by supporting bigger acts as they deserve it.

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