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Das OX wird 20 (Posted Date: 05 Apr 2009, 22:14)

Das OX wird 20

w/ Spermbirds / EA 80 / Boxhamsters / Kick Joneses

04.04.09 Cobra, Solingen

The OX magazine is one of the finest German punk fanzines around. To celebrate its 20th anniversary some old companions played the packed Cobra in Solingen.
First up were the Kick Joneses but most of the people, including me, enjoyed a warm, sunny Saturday by having a beer outside. But the last few songs I heard were really good, old '77 style punk rock with two singers and some ska influences.
Next up were the Boxhamsters. I first got into them back in 1989 when they toured Germany supporting ALL and they remained one of my favourite bands since then. Many people in the audience seemed to share my love for them as the crowd started to pgo and sing along to old tunes like Hotzenplotz, Klostein, Der gute König and, especially, Zu klein.
EA 80 then had fifty minutes of playing time to rush through OX chief editor Joachim Hiller's wishlist, not really much for a band who had to cut short their own 25th anniversary show back in 2005 after a bit more than two and a half hours due to technical problems. So they played their songs with the usual fierce energy which makes them so unique.
Americans are cool? Bullshit! Well, there are some really cool Americans like Lee Hollis. So he finished the party together with his buddies from the Spermbirds. They played nearly all of their classic hits from Something To Prove and got the crowd still dancing and singing along even though it was after midnight.
A big thank you  to the OX and keep on rocking though I have to join EA 80 singer Martin in asking you one favour: use a bigger font.

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