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Hanson Brothers (Posted Date: 10 Oct 2008, 07:28)

Hanson Brothers / The Apers

09.10.08 Gebäude 9, Köln

After touring Germany three times last year Nomeansno take a break in 2008. But that doesn't mean the notorious Wright brothers are idle. Their alter ego Hanson Brothers is back on the road after five years and kicks off the European tour in Cologne tonight.
Support comes from Dutch rockers The Apers but I can hardly say anything about them as I still hung around the bar in the lobby during their set.
The Hanson Brothers are all about hockey and beer, and this is what dominates the next 80 minutes of Ramones style puck rock. The four Canadians, all wearing hockey shirts, play songs from their three albums and give 100 + 10%. Bassist Rob with this goalie mask constantly drops his jeans to exhibit his white underpants decorated with lovely brown stains. His brother John switched from playing drums in Nomeansno to the singing job sweating his ass off in his black leather jacket and, therefore, constantly drinking beer. Guitar player Tom still fucks up every solo deliberately while the new drummer Mike likes to throw his sticks at the other members of the band. Get It Right Back is dedicated to the late Paul Newman and the whole party ends like a good hockey match - with Sudden Death.

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