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Millencolin (Posted Date: 10 Nov 2008, 10:45)

Millencolin / The Briggs / Serum 114

07.11.08 E-Werk, Köln

Boring, boring punk rock. There are some bands you can enjoy more by listening to their albums than watching them live and Millencolin once more proved to be one of them.
The evening started badly with Serum 114 from Frankfurt entering the stage. Their music together with their simple lyrics could be best described as a cheap Toten Hosen rip off, one of the worst bands I've seen for a very long time.
Next up were The Briggs from Los Angelesand they were much better though they had the worst sound of the night. Their pop punk puts a smile on your face and This Is L.A. from the latest album Come All You Madmen even became an anthem for the Los Angeles Kings from the NHL.
Millencolin are touring with their seventh album Machine 15 and when they started their set with Mr.Clean from their debut album Tiny Tunes the 2,500 capacity E-Werk was well filled and the kids started pogoing along instantly. The whole set was a good mixture from old hits like Penguins & Polarbears and some new songs like Detox but there was something missing. It was good clean fun but only routine. The energy and sweat that one should feel at a rock show and that recently seen bands like Milloy or the Hanson Brothers delivered in abundance just wasn't there.
Millencolin provided solid entertainment but no night worth remembering.

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