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We Were Prmised Jetpacks (Posted Date: 06 Sep 2009, 12:02)

We Were Promised Jetpacks

04.09.09 Studio 672, Köln

1. A Half Built House

The instrumental track from These Four Walls is played as an intro with the band entering the stage and joining in. The small club is pretty packed and you can feel almost the excitement of the crowd.

2. It's Thunder And It's Lightning

The album opener is the first "real" song of the set, the band hasn't warmed up yet and semms to be a little shy.

3.  Roll Up Your Sleeves

The second single gets the crowd dancing and you can see how the four guys on stage seem to relax and start enjoing the show as well.

4. An Almighty Thud

The acoustic finale of the album is played in an electrified version and sounds almost like a completely new song.

5. Quiet Little Voices

Every one in the room seems to know and love it and sings along.

6. Moving Clocks Run Slow

7. Conductor

The most atmospheric track is used to give everyone a moment to relax.

8. This Is My House This Is My Home

9. Ships With Holes Will Sink

After singer Adam talked about how funny it is hearing people sing along with Dutch or German accents he gets to the hear the Cologne version of the opening lines from the crowd.

10. Short Bursts

My personal faveourite from the album is played in an even more aggresive version than on record and puts an end to the regular set.

11. Keeping Warm
The band returns to play the final missing track from These Four Walls as an encore, the first one of the tour according to Adam.

I was a bit afraid whether the band could live up to the great expectations I had as the album is my favourite of 2009 so far but their youthful energy made this an outstanding show.

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