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Beirut (Posted Date: 17 Aug 2009, 20:26)

Beirut / Johannes Stankowski Band

12.08.09 Kölner Philharmonie, Köln

Ten reasons why this show was so fantastic:

1. My ticket said I had to sit in row 2, seat 3. It turned out that there was neither a row 1 nor seat 1 and 2 so I sat right in front of the stage.

2. Johannes Stankowski, formerly the singer in Werle & Stankowski, opened the evening playing some old songs and lots of new ones, very enjoyable.

3.  I was wondering how Beirut would present their orchestral music without having an orchestra. Six musicians did it easily.

4. A trombone, a tuba, two trumpets, a cello, an accordion just sound great when played in a concert hall built for classical music.

5. No guitar, just a bass guitar and occasionally a ukulele.

6. An audience which at first was very quiet during the songs but warmed up until it went really crazy at the encore.

7. The melancholy of the songs on record turned into such uplifting party music on stage, especially with songs like A Sunday Smile.

8. Coming back for a second encore and starting it with Rhineland (Heartland). played for thr first time in three years, and finishing a perfect evening with The Gulag Orkestar.

9. Someone asked shyly if the band would mind if the fans danced on stage. The answer was "Sure, why not?" and then people rushed onto the stage dancing and singing along, it was one of the best concert moments this year.

10. The setlist:
    The Shrew
    Elephant Gun
    The Concubine
    Mount Wroclai
    La Javanaise
    Postcards From Italy
    Scenic World
    The Akara
    A Sunday Smile
    After The Curtain
    The Penalty
    Siki Siki Baba
    Rhineland (Heartland)
    My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille
    The Gulag Orkestar

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