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Biffy Clyro (Posted Date: 07 Apr 2009, 22:59)

Biffy Clyro

06.04.09 Gebäude 9, Köln

Though being really huge in the UK Biffy Clyro still play quite small venues in Germany but they do sell them out quickly. So having missed to buy a ticket in time I was lucky to be offered a spare ticket by a mate.
18 months ago they played the Prime Club and the most remarkable fact about this gig was that it was over at about 9pm on a saturday evening to allow the clubbers to take over from the rockers. Tonight Biffy entered the stage at half past nine and opened their set with the monumental Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies. This was the start of an energetic set still focusing on their album Puzzle. The crowd was singing along enthusiasticly nearly to nearly all the tunes, especially to Get Fucked Stud, Who's Got A Match? and even turning Love Has A Diameter into a U2-like hymn. After about 75 minutes Biffy finished with a tremendous version of 57.
And though some classics like Questions And Answers or The Kids From Kibble... weren't played it was their best show I've seen so far.

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