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Smoke Or Fire (Posted Date: 14 Dec 2008, 08:17)

Smoke Or Fire / Fake Problems

13.12.08 Gleis 22, Münster

One should be careful to label a band as "the next big thing". But I am so bold to predict that the Fake Problems will be 2009's The Gaslight Anthem.
Fake Problems from Naples, Florida have more folk and country music influences than their buddies from New Brunswick but live they're playing their music with such an amount of punk energy that's just intoxicating.
Tonight's set focused mainly on their album How Far Our Bodies Go but they also previewed some tracks from their forthcoming cd It's Great To Be Alive.
It's been a tough task for Smoke Or Fire to enter the stage  after Fake Problems but they did a pretty good job, too. Their punk rock songs are not as diverse as the Fake Problems' but still very good. They stormed through the songs from both Above The City and This Sinking Ship nearly without any break and also got the people going. They left the stage exhausted without an encore as they didn't have any songs left according to the drummer.
So my concert year 2008 ended with a highlight.

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