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The Boxer Rebellion (Posted Date: 04 Apr 2009, 21:37)

The Boxer Rebellion / Fink

03.04.09 Underground, Köln

Is it a hype or really a new star on the bleak brit pop sky?.
After being dropped by their record label despite critical acclaim for their debut album Exits The Boxer Rebellion kept on making music on their own. Lacking a record deal they released their new album Union as a download only. And suddenly they're entering the download charts and getting a lot of media coverage.
Union is a good album with the outstanding track Evacuate on it. But to me they seem to be just another brit pop band with too many Cooper Temple Clause references to really arouse my interest.
Get me right, the show at the Underground wasn't bad. It's just that one excellent song isn't enough to make a lasting impression.
The same applies to Finian Greenall aka Fink and his blues inspired acoustic songs who opened for The Boxer Rebellion and got a warm reception by the crowd but also didn't really suit my taste.

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