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Parts & Labor (Posted Date: 05 Jun 2009, 20:36)

Parts & Labor / Alles wegen Lilly / The Morbid Minds

04.06.09 Gleis 22, Münster

The evening was labelled "Münster worldwide" and as an evening for newcomer bands but how the hell could anyone call a band like Parts & Labor newcomer as they've already released four albums?
Anyway, the two support bands were definitely newbies. The first band of the night, The Morbid Minds, played seventies rock and reminded me very much of the Kings Of Leon. Next up were Alles wegen Lilly playing their first gig ever and their Muff Potter-style rock was really enjoyable, especially as they also covered Hot Water Music's No Division.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Parts & Labor as their two releases from 2008 differed so much. While the ep Escapers Two features 51 tracks in less than half an hour, their album Receivers contains eight songs in about 40 minutes, a droning punk-electronica-mix with loads of wonderful harmonies reminding me very much of Hüsker Dü. If Escapers Two is Parts & Labor's Land Speed Record then Receivers might be a vision of what the Hüskers could have sounded like nowadays. The set then focused mainly on Receivers and its predecessor Mapmaker including the wonderful Nowheres Nigh and finishing after about 75 minutes with a noisy extended version of Fractured Skies.
It's a shame that only about 50 people witnessed this "new" band from Brooklyn.

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