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The Gaslight Anthem (Posted Date: 29 Jun 2008, 17:50)

The Gaslight Anthem / The Escape Artist / Whisk

27.06.08 FZW, Dortmund

What happens when you meet friends at a show? You usually miss the support acts. I only got to hear Whisk and The Escape Artist from outside the FZW as I preferred to have a drink and a chat.
The Gaslight Anthem had changed their setlist a bit compared to the Münster show. This time they opened with We Came To Dance and they included two more new songs from the forthcoming album into the set, High Lonesome and Meet Me By The River's Edge. Again, the crowd sang along loudly to the hits such as 1930, I Coulda Been A Contender or the grand finale, Say I Won't (Recognize). The sound was much better than at the Gleis 22, you could hear Brian's vocals crystal clear but the Münster gig still provided more energy because of the smaller, more intimate venue.
Meanwhile I had the chance to listen to the The '59 Sound and thought it doesn't have as many anthems as Sink Or Swim it's a grower and briliant as well, especially The Backseat, my favourite track from the new album. Only the sound is lacking a bit of the energy and power something missing as well on the Senor And The Queen EP so the new tracks unfold their full potential only when you hear them live.
"And I carry these songs like a comfort wherever I go."

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