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Jägermeister Rock:Liga Bochum (Posted Date: 19 Feb 2008, 12:22)

Jägermeister Rock:Liga

w/ Therapy? / Dúné / Portugal The Man

13.02.08 Zeche, Bochum

Two days later the same package played in Bochum and despite that disastrous gig in Cologne I was there to see Therapy? again.
Portugal The Man were once again the first band to perform and did it as good as on Monday.
Dúné seemed to be a bit tired and couldn't play with the same energy as they did at the Stollwerck.
Therapy? then had no problem making good for the terrible show 48 hours ago and were in brilliant form. The setlist was quite unusual for them opening with Punishment Kiss and including Sister from Suicide Pact - You First for the first time in years. The crowd was also into it and rocked hard so it was no surprise that Therapy? won the competition that evening.

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