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The Loved Ones (Posted Date: 27 May 2008, 19:50)

The Loved Ones / Frontkick / The Escape Artist

23.05.08 Café Nova, Essen

What are girlfriends good for? Well, sometimes they can introduce you to excellent bands you haven't heard of before. My sweet lady got me to listen to Keep Your Heart by The Loved Ones which I immediately liked for its raw but also catching tunes. And with the new album Build And Burn out to be presented live we both took the chance to see them in Essen.
First band of the evening were The Escape Artist from Dortmund, rising from the ashes of My Favorite Chord. They sounded really good and made me look forward to their next show at the FZW in June opening for The Gaslight Anthem.
Next up were Frontkick from Berlin with Clash influenced punk rock and even some songs sung in Spanish - not bad but not really my cup of tea.
The Loved Ones then got the crowd going with a set consisting mostly of songs from both albums. The kids sang along to Jane, 100K or Louisiana and got fed with tequila by the band who definitely seemed to enjoy the show. You never know whether such remarks are sincere but singer Dave claimed the Essen show to be the best of the tour so far.
But who am I to disagree as me and my girlfriend were thrilled as well.

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