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Areagramme (Posted Date: 27 Jun 2005, 00:24)

I feel it unraveeling
It comes with no warning at all
And takes me over
All words fail
(from Aereogramme - The Unravelling)

What makes people think you could be awake on a Sunday morning at 8 am, esp. when you've been out the night before? Anyway, that early caller couldn't really ruin my good mood I've kept from yesterday's Area 4 festival in Oberhausen.

I've finally seen Aereogramme again playing their first show after a seven month break due to Craig's illness. The crowd really enjoyed their set, so did the band who were a bit nervous beforehand after such an unusual long absence from the stages of the world.

After only taking a short glimpse at Motörhead (I have lots of respect for Lemmy, but their music doesn't get me at all) at the main stage we headed back to the tent stage to watch Slut from Ingolstadt who again proved they're in good form currently (I've already seen them a few weeks ago and enjoyed their set back then as well after having been disappointed with their performances in previous years).

The next act on the main stage were the Beatsteaks, the most successfull German punk band at the moment, right after Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte. They got the crowd moving and really rocked the place though it seemed a bit too experienced to me.

The excitement grew as Nine Inch Nails were up next. It's been the first time I've seen them live and I was caught immediately by the raw power of their music (especially the guitarist seems to be a real psycho) and the emotional depths of Trent Reznors performance. They were undoubtedly the best band of the day.

After their set we hurried back to the tent stage to catch the rest of Kettcar's performance. They filled the headlining slot at the tent as The Mars Volta had to cancel their gig (thank God, they're terrible live), but couldn't draw as large a crowds as they usually do in Germany for most people were too eager to see the big names on the main stage. But Kettcar played a good set nonetheless. And they made the joke of the day:
"Für alle von Nine Inch Nails Rübergekommenen: wir sind Mars Volta, haben Deutsch gelernt  und uns die Haare geschnitten." (For all those just coming over from the Nine Inch Nails set: we're Mars Volta, we've learned to speak german and we had our hair cut.)

System Of A Down brought the evening to an end and most of the crowd seemed to enjoy their set, but they didn't win me over. I thought they were boring, unable to reproduce the enrgy from their recordings on stage which makes their their complex music sound lifeless.

But they couldn't belittle what has been a nice day out with some brilliant shows and the joy of meeting some bearded friends again. Nice talking to you again, Iain.

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