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Eric Davidson is God (Posted Date: 20 Jun 2005, 08:03)

The Devil Dogs - Backstage

A thousand hands applaud tonight
I sing my songs my star shines bright
I stop and smile I take my bow
I leave the stage and then somehow

Backstage I'm lonely, backstage I cry
You've gone away and each night I seem to die a little

Out on that stage I play the star
I'm famous now I've come so far
A famous fool I let love go
I didn't know I'd miss you so

Backstage I'm lonely, backstage I cry
Hating myself since I let you say goodbye

Every night a different room
Every night a different club
And yet I'm lonely all the time
When I sign my autograph
When I hold an interview
Can't get you out of my mind

Come back my love come back to me
I need you now so desperately
What good is fame it's just a game
I'd give it all to be the same

Backstage I wait now, hoping I'll see
Your smiling face waiting there backstage for me
Your smiling face waiting backstage for me

What a music filled weekend!!!

I've been to the Campusfest at the Essen university on Friday night to meet some nice friends and listen to some bands which proved to be a very relaxed and entertaining evening.

But this was only the overture to Saturday's rock'n'roll extravaganza that took place in the creepy village called Solingen, the infamous rock city no. 1 in Germany. The New Bomb Turks were in town to grace us with the opportunity to see them again.I got hold of them when they supported The Devil Dogs about 12 years ago and I'm hooked to them since that day.

And right when they blazed into Id Slips In I immediately knew why I love them so much. There's no other band in this world with such an energetic stage show and such a looney as a singer. The whole place went nuts for the following 80 minutes as the Turks played one crowd pleaser after another.
When everyone thought it was over, Eric came back on stage to perform an a cappella version of the old Culture Club classic Karma Chameleon and everyone joined in. The roadie started to tear down the drumkit but had to build it up again as the Turks came back for yet another encore and put an end to what can only be described as the best concert this year with I'm Weak.
I'm so glad I've been there. Come back again some day, lads.

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