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Bambix (Posted Date: 19 Feb 2008, 21:39)

Bambix / The Go Faster Nuns / Dirty Bones

16.02.08 Exzess, Frankfurt

After the romantic mood of Valentine's Day it took some punk rock to put some adrenaline back into my body.
Dutch punk veterans Bambix celebrated the release of their new album Bleeding In A Box together with two German bands.
Dirty Bones from Bielefeld played AC/DC-style hard rock but didn't impress me too much.
Next up were The Go Faster Nuns from Bamberg whom I had already senn last year supporting the Dwarves and they were as good as back then with their overdrive pop punk.
Bambix finished the evening off with their Leatherface punk rock with female vocals. For the finale, their nice new singalong tune Bottle, they got everyone on stage to join the party.
It was also nice to see that nobody gave a fuck about the smoking ban in public places including bars and clubs.

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