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Black Francis (Posted Date: 19 Feb 2008, 21:59)

Black Francis / Bobby Peru

17.02.08 Luxor, Cologne

Frank Black returned to his old alias Black Francis and was in Cologne to promote his new releases Bluefinger and Svn Fngrs. He did a precore (yes, the opposite to the usual encore) at the Stadtgarten to play old Pixies tunes but I was still on the train to Cologne and didn't make it there.
The gig at the Luxor consisted nearly completely of new songs from both albums which was fine as they're a nice blend of Pixies and Catholics style songs. He also did some songs so far only released on the Christmass album and a cover of that old Gary Green song That Burnt Out Rock And Roll.
As he sings so adequately in Tight Black Rubber: "I'm all killer, no filler."

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