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Blood Red Shoes (Posted Date: 01 May 2008, 15:58)

Blood Red Shoes / Dr. Norton

29.04.08 FZW, Dortmund

Six years ago a duo only playing drums and guitar played at the sold out FZW and took the world by storm only a year later with a song called Seven Nation Army.
Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell from Brighton aka Blood Red Shoes will definitely be tired of being compared to The White Stripes, but you can't avoid this comparison when listening to their music. But a British flavour consisting of wave rhythms many UK bands like Editors or Maximo Park adds to their indie rock and gives it a unique character.
But first Dr. Norton from Berlin entered the stage to play their "dirty, smart garage punk" as they describe it. Well, to me it sounded like a rougher version of The Robocop Kraus and, therefore, not very exciting.
After a break of nearly 45 minutes Blood Red Shoes opened their set with It's Getting Boring By The Sea and the following 50 minutes weren't boring at all. Especially Steven on drums creates such an energy and the shy Laura on guitar is also warming up more and more into the show. They're playing nearly the full Box Of Secrets album including my favourites Doesn't Matter Much and Say Something Say Anything. After ADHD as the last encore they leave behind a sweaty and satisfied crowd.
Let's see if history's repeating and wheree the band will be in six years.

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