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Kinderzimmer Productions (Posted Date: 28 Apr 2008, 04:07)

Kinderzimmer Productions

26.04.08 Konzerthaus, Dortmund

There was a time when it was fun to listen to German hip hop. Nowadays, it's mostly aggro style music, a poor imitation of gangster rap. One of the few survivors from those "good old days", Kinderzimmer Productions from Ulm, now played their last ever show in Dortmund.
They chose the Konzerthaus as their farewell venue, a modern concert house usually hosting classical music events. This choice guaranteed a fantastic atmosphere and sound as the band also opted to play this last gig as an unplugged set. Well, it wasn't totally unplugged for how could a DJ do his work without some turntables, but the rest of the band played acoustic instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano and even a bag of crisps). Thus the seven people on stage created a very mellow, sometimes even jazzy soundtrack to party to.
For nearly two hours Kinderzimmer Productions played songs from all parts of their nearly 15 years of making music, from Marihuana turning into a brillant jam session over Das Gegenteil von gut ist gut gemeint or Wir sind da wo oben ist to Geh kaputt from their last album Asphalt.
I hope they'll release that show on DVD for everyone to remember how brilliant they were.

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