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The Breeders (Posted Date: 23 Apr 2008, 20:31)

The Breeders / Cloudberry

22.04.08 Luxor, Cologne

It took The Breeders six years to release their new album Mountain Battles, the follow up to Title TK and, therefore, it's been also six years ago since I last saw them live.
Six years older, the Deal sisters looked way better than back then and they were in a good mood to entertain the crowd at the Luxor club.
Cloudberry from Frankfurt opened the night with nice indiepop in the vein of bands like Swervedriver or The Lemonheads, whose classic It's About Time they covered.
The Breeders opened their 70 minute set with Overgöazed and from the first note it became obvious that they wanted to rock. The songs sounded much more energetic than on record. It was a string of hits including songs from The Amps (Tipp City and Pacer), their versions of The Beatles' Happiness Is A Warm Gun and Guided By Voices' Shocker In Gloomtown and, of course, Divine Hammer and Cannonball with the new songs giving the audience some time to relax without letting the party mood slow down. German Studies, the song from Mountain Battles with the strange lyrics sung in German, brought an excellent concert to its end.
Hopefully it won't take another six years for them to return.

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