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I’m From Barcelona (Posted Date: 14 Jan 2008, 03:52)

I'm From Barcelona

12.01.08 Gebäude 9, Cologne

Bands usually travel in vans or buses according to what they need and can afford. The Swedish community of I'm From Barcelona consists of up to 29 people so what's parked outside the Gebäude 9 can best be described as a giant super deluxe double decker nightliner.
The equipment cramming stage is decorated with balloons and when the band enters it to the sounds of Montserrat Caballè's and Freddie Mercury's Barcelona confetti and more ballons are thrown into the audience. Tonight it's 18 people who have come to party with the crowd and one hell of a party it is. The audience gets animated to clap and sing along and after needing a bit to warm up the whole club is buzzing with party atmosphere.
The setlist consists of nearly all the songs from Let Me Introduce My Friends plus singles tracks as The Painter and Britney ans a totally new song. After less than an hour the show finishes with Robots Sing We're From Barcelona to which half of the band starts a polonaise right through the club while the rest of them is dancing on stage.
This wonderful show will hardly be surpassed this year I dare say.

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