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Weekend action (Posted Date: 08 Aug 2005, 09:40)

Aereogramme - The Ocean Red

And I know I am still afraid
Of hearing voices
Rattle in my head

And I could simply free my veins
Into the ocean
An ocean turning red

You were all I had left today
Can you pull me out of the waves
And I am lost (when will you find me)
And I am lost (when will you find me)
And I am lost (when will you find me)
And I am lost (when will you find me)

This weekend was dedicated to music. On Saturday we went to the Sport & Freunde festival in Gelsenkirchen (I got free tickets for it) and it was an enjoyable day out with heavy rain showers during the performances of Cosmic Casino and Madsen which didn't bother us as we didn't get wet under the awning above the stage which also covered a large part of the area in front of it. During Kaizers Orchestra's superb set the sun came out and warmed our hearts as did the music of this magnificient Norwegian band. Die Sterne and Nada Surf were also very good and Sportfreunde Stiller weren't as bad as I expected, but not really good as well. Anyway, it's been a lovely day in the company of my new sweets dealer Inga who brought a bag of the product range of the candy factory she's working for with her.

On Sunday I drove down to Stuttgart to see Aereogramme again. On my way from the station to the venue I suddenly heard my name shouted out in a Scottish accent. It was Craig looking for batteries. I joined his company and tried to help him getting some, but were unable to find the right ones on a Sunday with all the shops closed.
But meeting him was good as he got me into the club for free and it's been a pleasure chatting with the guys again. The gig was really good and as they hadn't rehearsed enough songs Craig played The Ocean Red and You're Always Welcome on his own. After the show we chilled out with some beers and Jägermeister at the Mos Eisley and slagged off Phantom Planet as the tv showed their Rock Am Ring performance (they're such a bad live band). At 2.30am I made my way back to the station to catch my train home where I arrived at 8.30am this morning, tired but happy.
Sorry Inga that I didn't call you during Post-Tour Pre-Judgment, but I had forgotten my mobile phone in the bag I left in a station locker.

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