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Rage Against The Ticket Prices (Posted Date: 15 Jun 2005, 22:37)

Soundgarden - Loud Love

There's no time to keep it low
I've been deaf now I want noise
You stay down
But I won't be quiet
I'll hammer on until you fight

Loud Love

If you've got some time to kill
Slow resistance wins the war
Well I know
But that's no way to go
You can't resist the louder pull

Well that's right
I want something to explode
I've been deaf
Now I want noise

I went to see Audioslave and ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead yesterday. It's been a good show by Audioslave, better than I expected though they can't compete with the wall of sound and huge energy of Trail Of Dead.
But I 'd like to rant about something else. The ticket would have cost about 45€ if there wouldn't have been a small allocation of tickets sold at half price due to an initiative of a music magazine. I think this is far too much money to spend for three hours of music.
A fiend of mine went to see U2 last Sunday and got a ticket worth 93€. Why do people pay that much for a place in a huge football ground around 75m away from the stage so that you have to look at the giant screens to really recognize who is Bono among those moving spots. The sound is crap as well. Well, he only paid 40€ for that ticket as someone just wanted to get rid of his spare one, but he also had to listen to Keane as one of the support acts. It's a cruel world, isn't it?

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